Dimitris Karamitros is accepting applications for PhD students.

Research Interests

  • Performance-based design of buried pipelines against transient and permanent ground displacements (e.g. seismic wave propagation, earthquake faulting, landslides, differential settlement/heave, underground works)
  • Advanced constitutive modelling of the monotonic and cyclic behaviour of granular soils and numerical implementation into 2d- and 3d- finite-difference codes
  • Performance-based design of shallow footings and pile foundations against earthquake-induced liquefaction
  • Non-linear seismic ground response & dynamic soil-foundation-structure interaction
  • Shaking-table & centrifuge experiments on dynamic soil-structure-interaction

PhD Students

  • Mr Jiayang Jiang (ongoing)
  • Mr Sergio Felipe Zaldivar Reyes (ongoing)
  • Mr Anderson Da Silva, as co-supervisor (ongoing)
  • Mr Teoman Efeoglu, as co-supervisor (ongoing)
  • Miss Huize (Emma) Su, as co-supervisor (ongoing)
  • Miss Elpida Katsiveli, as co-supervisor (ongoing)
  • Supervision of Summer Research Internships
  • Supervision of visiting PhD Students

Last updated: December 2019